Starr Miller Awards

Each year the Georgia Accrediting Commission selects long-time contributors to receive its highest recognition, the Starr Miller Distinguished Service Award. The award carries the name of the late Dr. Miller who served in various roles of work and leadership of the Georgia Accrediting Commission since 1960. Dr. Miller served as Dean Emeritus of Education at Georgia Southern University and as President Emeritus of Brewton-Parker College.

The Georgia Accrediting Commission is observing over one hundred years of school accreditation in Georgia and accredits programs from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. It, likely, is the most lasting accrediting agency in the nation for less-than-college grade schools. Accreditation by this non-governmental agency, with its personnel made up of professional educators, gives a stamp of approval to those institutions and agencies that meet basic standards accepted by educators as essential in academic development and growth of youth.

At the Fall 2006 Board of Commissioners Meeting, three outstanding educators were presented with the Starr Miller Award for distinguished careers of achievement in leadership and service for Georgia’s Schools.

Mr. David Holland served the Georgia Accrediting Commission as a Commission Member and as Chairman of the Commission. He completed a highly successful career in educational leadership having served as teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent. Mr. Holland is enjoying his retirement on his horse farm.

Mr. J. W. Flowers has a long-term relationship with the Georgia Accrediting Commission where he was a consultant. Mr. Flowers was an inspiration to Georgia boys and girls as a classroom teacher, athletic coach, counselor, and principal. During his tenure as a coach Mr. Flowers’ teams won state championships in boys basketball and track. He was a student of Dr. Starr Miller.

Mr. Richard B. Young played key roles in the Georgia Accrediting Commission. When he was a superintendent he served on the Board of Commissioners. After retirement, Mr. Young worked as a consultant for the Commission. Over his exceptional career Mr. Young held positions of teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. Mr. Young was also a student of Dr. Starr Miller.

Previous Recipients of The Starr Miller Award

Dr. Starr Miller 2003
Mr. Foster Goolsby 2004
Dr. John Lindsey 2004
Mr. John Yates 2004
Dr. Charles Fallis 2005
Dr. Charles H. Green 2005
Mr. Hubert Hutcherson 2005
Dr. Robert Threatt 2005
Ms. Donna Edwards 2006
Mr. John Mize 2006